<CHUN CHIA> AR Game System (HPE ProLiant DL360 Gen10 Server)

800 W Power Supplier: 100 V ac HR 3207 BTU/hr、200 V ac HR 3071 BTU/hr、240 V dc HR 3112 BTU/hr
500 W Power Supplier: 100 V ac HR 1979 BTU/hr、200 V ac HR 1911 BTU/hr、240 V dc HR 1965 BTU/hr
Version : English / Chinese / Vietnamese / Thai / Japanese 

Entry model, entering the online world for just costing the money of a big arcade machine. 

The business can set up their existing popular arcade machine in the system for the live stream(setting up your own server and managing own machines, get fully controlled and adjust the profit of the machine, internet fees are cheaper than calculated by network traffic) so the player can remotely control the games by any device that has access to HTML5. This system can support the business to avoid setting up those unpopular games and cut the cost of designing the application on each platform. 

The arcade machine currently supports Pachi-Slot, 15 Reels and Journey to the West, next coming with fishing arcade machine, 7PK Poker and also compatible with self-developed games in the future or using the service from iRobot88.com. 





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