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Amusement & Park
Amusement & Park
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It was under the circumstances that owing to the fast economy growth around the world, the amusement and leisure activities is more and more popular with the people. This made the amusement Industry fast development in recent years.

And Hot Games, which has been a well-known magazine distributed worldwide and an important role in the coin-op industry, we are obliged to satisfy our demands of the operators of to publish the Hot Games Amusement & Park.

Hot Games Amusement & Park, a brand-new magazine devoted to the amusement market, will introduce your company and high quality products to the world, especially those who are researching and manufacturing amusement machines and equipments.


The golden selection of the world’s amusement exhibitions
Being present at the world’s most famous amusement and park expos selected, we will personally distribute Hot Games Amusement & Park to exhibitors and visitors around the world, and also bring back buyers’ profiles to you we gather during the expo. Moreover, we offer you a VCD, which could bring you to the present situation, giving you the latest information about the world’s newest amusement products.

E-Book and Searching Function as powerful marketing services
Each issue of Hot Games Amusement & Park will be posted in the form of E-Book on our website ( for three months as an extension of promotion, in case new products could be wildly recognized by buyers or customers around the world.

Furthermore, the buyers around the world only need to key the names of the manufacturers or products in the Searching Engine on our website, they could easily find out all the corporations and high quality products they prefer, anywhere. With the E-Book sent to buyers around the world and the powerful Searching Function, Hot Games Amusement & Park will create excellent opportunities to make customers the best of every bargain at any time.

On Sales service bring you the most chance
The well-known "On Sale" page specially includes all the Taiwan high quality and discounted products. All the buyers could find the innovative products with the best price inside the page which will be updated regularly to offer. It will surely bring the most business chance for you.

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